Budgeting Services:

  • Provide detailed quantity survey.
  • Provide unit cost pricing
  • Consulting (re: materials and methodology)
  • Provide historical data for similar projects.

Construction “Delivery” Methods

  • General Contractor with a Stipulated Sum
    Includes the preparation of a “hard bid” quote based on a defined project scope (Traditional method with which most public agencies are familiar). The General Contractor performs the construction function on the project and assumes all of the risk for the completion of the project.
  • Construction Manager-at-risk
    The Construction Manager-at-risk is normally selected prior to the completion of plans. The CM-at-risk would offer advice on materials and methodology; assists the owner in budget preparation and cost evaluation; scheduling; and constructability. The CM-at-risk will provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP); receive competitive bids from subcontractors and suppliers; bond the project if required by the owner; and perform the construction function on the project. The Construction Manager-at-risk assumes all of the risk for the completion of the project.
  • Construction Manager – Agency
    In this project delivery method the Construction Manager serves as an agent for the owner to provide project administration and management services to the owner during the design and construction of the project. Starling Richardson would provide design-phase assistance and administer the construction phase of the contract as an agent of the owner. Bonds are provided by the subcontractors and suppliers who contract directly with the owner. The owner assumes all of the risk for the completion of the project.
  • Design/Build
    This is a project delivery method where the owner would contract directly with Starling Richardson for the services of the “design team” which would include the builder, architect and engineers related to the project. The owner would have a single point of contact for all services. Starling Richardson has long-time relationships with several outstanding Architectural firms that would be available as “team” members.

Other Services

  • Accounting
    Starling Richardson will provide all cost accounting work including the coding of costs; receipt verification and payment of all invoices; preparation of monthly Application for Payment; obtaining lien waivers, affidavits, bonds, and insurance certificates as required.